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Coronavirus Cases:

1,252,981view by country




257,139ACTIVE CASES927,693Currently Infected Patients882,313 (95%)in Mild Condition
45,380 (5%)Serious or Critical
Show GraphJan 22Mar 04Jan 29Feb 05Feb 12Feb 19Feb 26Mar 11Mar 18Mar 25Apr 010500k1,000kShow StatisticsCLOSED CASES325,288Cases which had an outcome:257,139 (79%)Recovered / Discharged
68,149 (21%)Deaths
Show GraphFeb 02Mar 03Apr 02Feb 08Feb 14Feb 20Feb 26Mar 09Mar 15Mar 21Mar 270%100%Show Statistics

Total Coronavirus CasesTotal Cases(Linear Scale)Jan 22Feb 04Feb 17Mar 01Mar 14Mar 270250k500k750k1,000k1,250k1,500kCasesMore Case Statistics

Total Coronavirus DeathsTotal Deaths(Linear Scale)Jan 22Feb 15Mar 10Apr 03Feb 03Feb 27Mar 22020k40k60k80kDeathsMar 18● Deaths: 8,951More Death StatisticsThe charts above are updated after the close of the day in GMT+0. Latest data is provisional, pending delayed reporting

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